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Animated & Live Action Short Film (22 minutes)
Original Language: English
Download One Pager: Reminders for the People

Based on “Reminders for the People” Screen Play.
Countries of Origin: Canada & Chile
LOG LINE: this story is about unconditional love, faith, storytelling and the importance of historic culture. It is a coming of age story based on two mixed blood indigenous youth, the legends that are as specific as the hills, and the stories the elders tell to protect the People-To-Be.
PILOT EPISODE: “The Medicine Story”
Excerpted from the Script: “Prophecies, Reminders for the People, The Medicine Story”
CAST OF CHARACTERS: ROBYN NEWSTASKET, Female, 17, Syilx/ Aboriginal; GREGORY SANTIAGO, Male, 18, Syilx/ Mapuche (Chilean); MARIA NEWSTASKET, Female, 43, Syilx/ Aboriginal; GRANNY NEWSTASKET, Female, 80, Syilx/ Aboriginal; ALAN NORMANDE, Male, 43, Mixed Aboriginal; CHIEF ROBERT H. KEEFER, Male, 45, Syilx/ Aboriginal

istukwukwxixtet; The Path in Front of Us

Live Action Feature Film (90 minutes)
Original Language: English

Set in the time of Canada's precontact, The story of a young Chilean man and an Indigenous woman from BC's Southerm Interior, who have one thing in common that brings them together. They are both caretakers of the water beings.